2-room apartment on the street. Demetre Tavdadebulis, 10B

- Good finish
- Minimalistic design
- School No. 221 and Sikhvi
- There are necessary establishments for everyday life (shops, pharmacies, etc.).
- Many schools and parks in the area
- Two hospitals across Grigory Brtskinvale street

All this in an apartment of 54.20 m²

Before buying, you can inspect it and the area to make a decision.

District | Район: Didi Dighomi | Диди Дигоми

Ready | Готовая квартира: With furniture | С мебелью

Objects nearby | Объекты рядом: Park | Парк

Objects nearby | Объекты рядом: Школа | School

Objects nearby | Объекты рядом: Больница | Hospital

Quantity of rooms | Количество спален: 1

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