Terrassa Saburtalo

The Terrassa Saburtalo residential complex consists of three houses ranging from 21 to 22 floors, designed in a modern style, taking into account the region's seismic activity.

On the adjoining territory, playgrounds with swings and slides, a recreational area with gazebos and benches, a sports ground for playing basketball and training, and a football field are set up.

The pedestrian paths lined with paving slabs and asphalt driveways are laid between the buildings while street lighting devices are installed. A large underground parking is built, and in the courtyard, there is parking for guest vehicles. The residential complex has commercial premises for offices and shops.

About 1000 square metres of the local area is landscaped, namely deciduous and coniferous trees, ornamental shrubs are planted here, and flower beds are laid out.

The developer offers apartments with practical modern layouts. The dwelling has free planning solutions ranging from one to five bedrooms while compact studios are also available. The housing area ranges from 49 to 264 square metres, and the ceiling height is 2.95 metres.

Apartments are sold with green frame finishing, which includes:
  • Wiring and connection of communications
  • Metal front door
  • Painted walls
  • Interior doors made of laminated veneer lumber
  • Laminate on the floor
  • Porcelain stoneware tiles on the walls and floor in the bathroom
  • Internet and TV connection

Year of readiness | Сдача в: 2023 soon | 2023 скоро

Ceiling height | Высота потолка: 2,95 - 3,05

Reliable developer | Надёжный застройщик: Yes | Да

District | Район: Saburtalo | Сабуртало

Apartment renovation | Отделка: White frame | Белый каркас

Apartment renovation | Отделка: Green frame | Зелёный каркас

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