Archi Vazisubani

Archi Vazisubani a modern high-rise tower with 13 floors.
Archi Vazisubani attracts attention with its original architecture. The use of the latest technologies and modern materials further enhances the exterior. For example, for the decoration of the facades, the developer uses Belgian bricks, which are distinguished by reliability and durability.
The complex offers the following amenities and facilities:
  • Three residential sections
  • Playgrounds and sports grounds
  • Retail area with shops and various services
  • Parking
  • Rest zone
Archi Vazisubani offers apartments for almost every budget. It offers traditional one-room apartments with an area of ​​41 m2, as well as spacious penthouses up to 285 m2. The layouts come in various shapes. Some have straight lines but there are also units available with the original geometry of the complex. This allows owners to fully demonstrate their design talents.

Year of readiness | Сдача в: 2023 and earlier | 2023 и раньше

Ceiling height | Высота потолка: 2,85 - 2,9

Reliable developer | Надёжный застройщик: Yes | Да

District | Район: Vazisubani | Вазисубани

Apartment renovation | Отделка: Complete renovation| Полный ремонт

Apartment renovation | Отделка: Complete renovation| Полный ремонт

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