Green Rock

Among the advantages of the new building, one can note an environmentally friendly location, transport accessibility, the presence of an active infrastructure of the area, a panoramic view, the presence of terraces, conceptual architecture, a safe courtyard and a reliable developer.

The residential complex is equipped with modern communications and a fire safety system. Inside the complex there is a closed courtyard with a landscaped and green space for recreation, where ground parking for cars is also organized. The yard is being landscaped by the developer, who lays walking paths, equips recreation areas and installs children's and sports grounds. The territory of the yard is under round-the-clock video surveillance. The building has modern passenger elevators.

In the new building, 1, 2, 3-room apartments and studios are being sold ranging from 46.3 to 84 m2. Ceiling height - 3 m. Housing has an ergonomic layout with a combined kitchen-living room, open balconies and terraces with panoramic views of the city. The apartments are put into operation in a white frame finish.

Year of readiness | Сдача в: 2023 soon | 2023 скоро

District | Район: Saburtalo | Сабуртало

Ceiling height | Высота потолка: 2,95 - 3,05

Apartment renovation | Отделка: White frame | Белый каркас

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