Archi Wood

The neighborhood has good ecology, despite the busy traffic on neighboring streets. There is a lot of greenery and the nearest industrial complexes are located on the other side of the Kura.

The Archi Wood complex will have its own infrastructure with pedestrian paths, sidewalks, and driveways. Residents can also make use of the following amenities:
  • Guest parking
  • Three-level underground parking for residents
  • Large comfortable relaxation area.
The residential apartments start from the third floor and up. The two lower levels are reserved for commercial premises.

Year of readiness | Сдача в: 2023 and earlier | 2023 и раньше

Reliable developer | Надёжный застройщик: Yes | Да

District | Район: Saburtalo | Сабуртало

Apartment renovation | Отделка: Complete renovation| Полный ремонт

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