Green District in Gldani

Located in Tbilisi, the Green District in Gldani consists of three mid-rise buildings. They feature a sturdy monolithic frame, and the developer plans to use red brick for the facade decor, which elegantly combines with dark balcony railings.
The buildings include an underground parking area and a commercial zone on the ground floor. The spacious surrounding area will be equipped with a children's playground, green spaces, and recreational areas.
The available apartments for sale start from 38 square meters. Each unit offers a spacious living room combined with a kitchen area, separate bedrooms, and a convenient balcony. In some floor plans, the living room serves as a hallway, providing access to other rooms. During the construction phase, buyers have the opportunity to request individual customization of the floor plan.

Year of readiness | Сдача в: 2023 and earlier | 2023 и раньше

Ceiling height | Высота потолка: 3,1 - 3,15

Reliable developer | Надёжный застройщик: Yes | Да

District | Район: Gldani | Глдани

Apartment renovation | Отделка: White frame | Белый каркас

Objects nearby | Объекты рядом: Shopping Center | Торговый центр

Objects nearby | Объекты рядом: Subway | Метро

Objects nearby | Объекты рядом: Market | Рынок

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