Dreamland Oasis

LCD "Dreamland Oasis" in Chakvi is located on the Black Sea coast, in an ecologically clean area, just ten kilometers from Batumi.

The territory of the new building has its own well-developed infrastructure, including:
playgrounds for children;
bars and restaurants;
bike path and walking boulevard;
a shopping and entertainment complex with a cinema, a bowling alley and a children's center;
two outdoor pools;
a water park and a walking path four kilometers long.
For residents of the residential complex "Dreamland Oasis" car parks are equipped. The owners of the apartments can use maid and laundry services, transfers and other services can be arranged.

Year of readiness | Сдача в: 2023 and earlier | 2023 и раньше

District | Район: Batumi: Makhinjauri | Махинджаури

Ceiling height | Высота потолка: 2,7 - 2,84

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