Remote purchase of real estate in Georgia: the process and advantages

The acquisition of real estate is a serious step, especially when it comes to remote purchase abroad. Georgia attracts many investors with its advantages. Let's look at the process and advantages of remote purchase of real estate in this wonderful country.

Real estate market research

First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly study the real estate market in Georgia. This includes an analysis of prices, trends and possible areas for investment.

Search for a reliable agent or intermediary
For a successful remote purchase of real estate, it is important to have a reliable agent or intermediary in Georgia. This person will represent your interests in the local market.

Checking the legal purity of the object
Before proceeding with the purchase, pay special attention to checking the legal purity of the selected property. This will help to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Site visit and object inspection
If possible, it is worth making a trip for a personal inspection of the property. This will allow you to assess its real condition and convenient location.

Carrying out documentary procedures
After selecting the object, the paperwork begins. This stage includes signing contracts, making a transaction with a notary and other necessary procedures.

Advantages of remote purchase of real estate in Georgia
Remote purchase of real estate in Georgia has its advantages. Among them are lower real estate prices compared to some other countries, prospects for economic development and stability of the country.


1: Can I buy a property in Georgia without having been there in person?
Yes, remote purchase of real estate in Georgia is possible. Many agencies provide services for investors located outside the country.

2: What taxes are associated with the purchase of real estate in Georgia?
The property tax in Georgia is 1% of the assessed value of the property and is paid annually.

3: How long does the process of buying real estate in Georgia take?
The time of buying a property in Georgia may vary depending on the complexity of the transaction, but on average the process takes from several weeks to several months.

4: Can I take out a mortgage to buy real estate in Georgia?
Yes, many banks offer mortgage programs for foreign investors, allowing you to get a loan for the purchase of real estate.

5: What documents will I need to purchase real estate in Georgia?
To purchase real estate, you will need a passport, a certificate of income, as well as documents confirming your financial capabilities to complete the transaction.
Remote purchase of real estate in Georgia is a real opportunity for investors. With the right approach and professional support, it can be a successful step in your investment portfolio.