Real estate market in Georgia: overview and forecasts for 2023

Georgia is an amazing country with not only a rich history and culture, but also an attractive real estate market. In this blog, we will look at the key aspects of the real estate market in 2023 that make it attractive to investors.

Variety of real estate objects

In Georgia, real estate includes various types of objects: apartments, houses, apartments, land plots and commercial real estate. You can choose accommodation by the sea with stunning views, or a cozy house in the mountains. This allows investors to choose the best options for their needs and financial capabilities.

Georgia offers a variety of real estate: from modern apartments by the sea to traditional houses in the mountains. This allows each investor to find an object for their needs and budget.

Infrastructure and development prospects

Active construction and development of infrastructure, including airports, roads and resorts, create favorable conditions for investment in real estate. These investments promise a good growth potential in the value of the objects.

Infrastructural development plays a key role in the attractiveness of the real estate market. The construction of new roads, airports and infrastructure of resort areas makes Georgia even more attractive for foreign investors. Development prospects indicate that these investments in infrastructure contribute to an increase in the value of real estate.

Transparency and simplicity of transactions

The procedures for buying real estate in Georgia are transparent and understandable. Investors appreciate the absence of excessive bureaucracy and difficulties in making transactions, which contributes to the confidence of investments.

Georgia attracts investors with its open system of buying real estate. The transaction processing process is transparent and does not require complicated burokratische procedures. This greatly simplifies the process of purchasing a home and increases the level of investor confidence.

Tax benefits for investors

Georgia offers favorable tax conditions for property owners. Low taxes and a simplified taxation system make real estate investments attractive to investors.

The tax preferential system is one of the attractive factors for investors in Georgian real estate. The low level of taxes and the ease of paying taxes ensure a higher return on investment.

Security and stability

Georgia is known for its security and stability. This is an important aspect for investors who are looking for reliable markets for investments. The absence of political turmoil and the low crime rate make the country attractive for investment.

Security and stability are the key aspects that investors pay attention to. Georgia is famous for its reliability and stability, which creates favorable conditions for the development of the real estate market.

Attractive conditions for tourists

Tourism is a significant component of Georgia's economy. Attractive resorts, cultural heritage and hospitality make the country a popular holiday destination. This creates a demand for rental real estate and provides a stable income for investors.

Tourism plays an important role in the development of the real estate market. Attractive resorts, cultural heritage and hospitality attract tourists, creating a demand for rental properties. This opens up new opportunities for investors to receive income from their investments.


1. What types of real estate are most in demand in Georgia?

In Georgia, apartments by the sea, apartments in resort areas and houses with mountain views are in demand. These types of real estate are the most attractive for investors and tenants.

2. What are the tax rates for real estate ownership in Georgia?

Tax rates in Georgia are relatively low. For example, the income tax on the sale of real estate is 5%.

3. Which regions of Georgia are the most promising for real estate investments?

The most promising regions for real estate investments are Tbilisi, Batumi and Sighnaghi. These cities have developed infrastructure and high demand for real estate.

4. What are the advantages of investing in apartments?

Investing in apartments provides a stable rental income, especially in resort areas. Tourists prefer apartments for a comfortable stay during their holidays.

5. Is it possible to obtain a residence permit through investing in real estate in Georgia?

Yes, investing in real estate in Georgia in the amount of at least $ 100,000 allows you to obtain a residence permit. This is an additional advantage for investors.

6. What are the prospects for the growth of real estate values in Georgia in the coming years?

Experts predict a steady increase in the value of real estate in Georgia in the coming years. This is due to the active development of infrastructure, an increase in tourist flow and demand for real estate.


The Georgian real estate market is a promising and attractive area for investment. A variety of real estate, infrastructural development, tax benefits, security and attractive conditions for tourists make Georgia an attractive market for investors. Investments in Georgian real estate promise high profitability and prospects for the growth of the value of objects.